Bay Lake Marine Location

Route #1. (21.3 miles, about 35 minutes from Caribou Coffee (EAST Brainerd Mall) go east of Brainerd on Hwy 18, and then turn north (left) on Hwy 6 to Tame Fish Road (Co Rd 14).

Route #2. (23.3 miles, about 30 minutes from Caribou Coffee, (EAST Brainerd Mall) Go east of Brainerd on Hwy 210, Turn right on Deerwood shortcut (Co Rd 12) to and barely thru Deerwood, and then turn south on Hwy 6 to Tame Fish Road (Co Rd 14).

(For both routes) Turn east (right) on Tame Fish Road. You will immediately see Rutgers Bay Lake Lodge on your right. Proceeding east, drive about a mile past Rutgers on Tame Fish Road, and then turn right (south) on Battle Point Road.

Bay Lake Marine (218/678-2096) will be on your left. VOLUNTEERS will pick up pontoon here and boat over to the Public Landing

GUESTS and CARE FACILITY STAFF: Drive slightly past Bay Lake Marine on Battle Point Road, making a left turn where the brown sign indicates the public lake access. If all guests are comfortably able to walk down to the lake, park in one of the available parking spaces.

We suggest that guests use the restroom prior to their trip. If the slope is of concern, initially park near the restroom, and suggest than anyone who needs to use the restroom do so prior to their trip. Then drive down to the launch, proceeding down the left loop of the trailer turnaround to reach the dock. Once all guests are unloaded at the base of the dock, move your vehicle up to one of the parking spots.